William Nutt

At the intersection of marketing, innovation, and sustainability, I'm cultivating a vocation.

I'm leveraging my unique blend of digital media skills to advance the causes I care about most. After three years at the U.S. Green Building Council, where I helped manage one of the most powerful brands in sustainability, I currently advise some of the world's largest corporations and most influential nonprofits as a digital strategist with Bully Pulpit Interactive, an authoritative digital marketing firm that's driving the evolution of digital marketing.

This is my story


Digital media debut

The release of Not Very Smart first marked my digital media interest at eleven years old.



Through my middle school's website club, I created my first website with Microsoft Front Page and confirmed the digital media passion that would profoundly influence my life.


Greensboro Day School

After years of self-teaching through independent projects, I taught an elective on Creative Suite at my high school, assigning formal grades to 11 students my senior year.


University of North Carolina

While augmenting my skills in digital media, I discovered sustainability as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, focusing first on alternative transportation and later exploring other subjects, such as energy, waste, food and sustainable business. I graduated with a major in Communication Studies (Media concentration) and a minor in Sustainability, pledging to merge the two fields in my career.


New Forum

As Director of Communications at Charlotte-based New Forum, I oversaw marketing and communications for two mixed-use developments and four major retirement communities, offering an innovative perspective that refreshed the brands and provided a more robust online presence.


U.S. Green Building Council

As a member of the marketing team for nearly three years, I helped drive the
LEED brand at USGBC, where my position beautifully married marketing,
innovation and sustainability. As a marketing project coordinator, I
planned and executed marketing projects of all kinds while
spearheading the organization's sports initiative and
working closely with top executives to ensure
powerful digital experiences and
speaking engagements.

Yannell HouseLEED PlatinumEric Allix Rogers (via Flickr)

Executive presentations

Working closely with CEO Rick Fedrizzi and other senior leaders when they spoke to diverse audiences across the world—from top coorporate executives to tens of thousands of green building enthusiasts in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa—I transformed USGBC's high-level presentations, creating powerful imagery that complemented the message rather than paraphrasing with bullet points.

LEED Dynamic Plaque

The future of LEED is the Dynamic Plaque, which beautifully displays a building's performance score in five categories. I played a key role in branding the Dynamic Plaque—refining its messaging, redesigning its website, producing short videos, creating Keynote presentations, managing professional photography and working with USGBC's technology team to envision the future online experience for building owners, managers and occupants.

Video production

Following our 2014 Greenbuild Conference, I used our slowest time of year to add Adobe After Effects to my suite of skills. My first videos overviewed USGBC programs and the LEED Dynamic Plauqe.

Sports initiative

The sports industry offers one of the strongest platforms for promoting sustainability. I helped to spearhead USGBC's effort to advance its mission through sports, often meeting with top sports executives, working closely with the Green Sports Alliance and publishing articles in industry publications.

Staff resources platform

Upon recognizing the absence of a central location for USGBC staff to easily access reliable, up-to-date resources such as presentations, one-pagers and statistics, I decided to make one myself. The resulting website continues to be widely relied upon by staff for important content.


Bully Pulpit Interactive

As a digital strategist at BPI, I work closely with leading technological innovators to plan and execute hyper-targeted digital marketing campaigns for some of the world's largest corporations and most influential nonprofits. With early access to cutting-edge targeting and analytics tools, I employ data-driven strategies to produce quantifiable outcomes for awareness, acquisition, persuasion and fundraising.

My diverse skill set, exceedingly high standard for aesthetic quality and love for innovative tools have helped boost the agency's performance and the quality of its services.

advanced expertise
Adobe Creative Suite
Content management systems
Customer relationship management
Email marketing services
JavaScript + jQuery
Presentation tools
Search + social media advertising
Search engine optimization
Website, social media + digital marketing analytics

Like most digital enthusiasts, I've acquired much of my knowledge through experimentation.

Since publishing the wildly popular ahoythereeverybody.com, I've maintained a continuous series of independent projects that have forced me to expand my skills in design and development by working my way through challenges: If I wanted to incorporate a new website feature, I had to learn how to build it. And along the way, my standard for quality has grown immensely.

Today, my most notable projects are Briefing, a daily news summary that I created and manage independently, and Haven, a home health tool I'm developing with an extraordinarily talented group of likeminded peers.